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The 10 greatest store shopping malls in Jakarta with the ratings and reasons
18.11.2016 09:49

Actually, one of the best factors in Jakarta are their shopping centres. I have myself travelled in another country and I have personally never noticed shopping malls thus densely booming in one town. Remember, this can be a list of twelve, not a top, and it is based solely on my experience. In this article we head out:

1 . Pondok Indah Local mall 8. 5/10

This is my number 1 most visited mall and it’s not without a reason. Pondok Indah Shopping center is situated near commercial establishments in the middle of an elite residential area of Pondok Indah. It is not one of the most luxurious mall in Jakarta but it is incredibly well designed and maintained, even the basement feels great with correct headroom intended for tall automobiles. The shopping center itself consists of 2 . 5 parts. As to why 2 and a half? First, there’s PIM one particular, then there is PIM a couple of which is (you guessed it! ) modern, and then there are this alternatively awkward file format called the road Gallery which only provides food. Shopping mall in Indonesia What’s interesting


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